Empowering Through Movement


When you come for your first appointment, please arrive 15-20 minutes early for registration and to fill out a health questionnaire.

The paperwork for your initial appointment can be lengthy. It is important that you take your time and complete all forms in as much detail as possible.

You may also print the new patient paperwork and fill it out prior to your appointment.

Please download the New Patient Forms here:

 Patient Demographics & Health Questionnaire

 Informed Consent to Treatment

 Cancellation Policy

For your appointment, please remember to bring the following:

  • Completed new patient intake forms.
  • Manitoba Health card.
  • Referral from health care practitioner, if applicable.
  • Medical records, surgical records, x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans and reports, if available.
  • Any other pertinent information that you think may be helpful.

Please dress so that the body part you are having trouble with can be easily examined. For example, please wear shorts if you are attending for a hip or knee problem.

If you are presenting with a spine-related condition, and for all follow-up rehabilitation, comfortable athletic clothing and appropriate footwear is recommended.

What to expect:

During your initial appointment, your provider will:

  • Review your health questionnaire, previous tests and treatments and any pertinent medical/surgical records.
  • Perform a detailed examination.
  • Discuss your condition with you and determine if further diagnostic testing or specialist referral is necessary.
  • If no further testing or referral is necessary, your provider will discuss treatment options and appropriate course of care.
  • Upon review of findings and informed consent, treatment generally begins at your first appointment.

We appreciate your time and strive to make every effort to run on time. We want your appointment to be as smooth and efficient as possible. As you can imagine, emergencies occur that cause scheduling delays beyond our control. We apologize in advance if we keep you waiting.

To cancel an appointment:

  • Call our office during business hours.
  • Please cancel at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment time so that your scheduled time can be allocated to another patient who is seeking treatment.
  • If you fail to provide advance notification you will be charged the full appointment rate.


  Please call 204.504.8986 to cancel or reschedule your appointment.